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For cleaner air

For healthy soil

For better business

Let’s restore savanna landscapes and secure our future


Our mission is to restore savanna landscapes in Namibia through a lucrative and environmentally friendly use of bush biomass.

Thereby creating income opportunities for farmers and jobs in rural areas, improving fertility of local soils, mitigating climate change.


Reversing desertification, restoring food security

Namibia to become the world’s leading carbon negative nation


The biochar solution to three pressing challenges in Namibia


Bush encroachment destroys the savanna ecosystems with negative consequences for grazing, biodiversity and groundwater.


Degrading soils and desertification threaten food security and lead to increased demand for imported food and artificial fertilizers.


Lack of jobs in rural areas leads to poverty and rural exodus.

Conversion of bush biomass into biochar. Use of biochar as a soil amendment and carbon removal agent. Financed through carbon credits.

III – Introducing the PyroNam Farmer Partnership

Our partners are farmers.


Performance of a PyroNam plant

The PyroNam pilot plant is put into operation. The proprietary technology enables the production of high-quality biochar, wood tar and wood vinegar in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Biochar production capacity > 1,000 t / year

Input capacity > 3,000 t dry FSC certified bush biomass

Operation 24/7 in three shifts 330 days / year with 21 PyroNam employees

> 2,000 t CO2 net removed per year

V – SDGs

A total of 10 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are supported.

PyroNam’s Biochar strategy not only permanently removes carbon from the carbon cycle and can make degraded soils fertile, but offers a host of other benefits for Namibia and its people. 


Contacts in Namibia

Timo Herbrand

Managing Director

Carlos Arrufat

Carlos Arrufat

Managing Director

Contacts in Namibia

Henrike Geldmacher

Managing Director

Sven M. Schelhorn

Project Manager

Eckhard Volkmann

Biochar Manager

Wilhelmina T. Gaoses

Admin Accounting & HR

Advisory Board


Prof. Habauka Kwaambwa

Habauka, a Professor of Chemistry at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). His research is focused on various aspects biomass research in a green and circular biobased economy such as biorefineries, production of wood plastic composites, activated charcoal, etc. At NUST, he heads the joint project of GIZ, Eurofins and German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) to accredit NUST laboratory for the analysis of biochar according to EBC.

Dr. Axel Rothauge
- Agricousultant Namibia

Axel, Namibia’s leading desertification expert is an animal scientist and rangeland specialist with significant expertise in livestock production, the restoration and rehabilitation of degraded natural resources, enterprise optimisation, rural development and farmer training. Consultant for Namibian Industry, NOGs and international bodies. Active participation in large-scale projects to protect and restore Namibia’s natural ecosystems.

Progress Kashandula
- N-BiG

Progresses, is functioning as the CEO of Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-Big). He has expertise with over 13 years in the biomass industry, specializing in senior roles managing sustainable projects like bush harvesting, production, and utilization. Instrumental in developing and implementing key projects for the Namibia bush biomass sector, including the institutional and sustainability aspects of N-BiG and its Advisory Service.


Mariska Kuschke

Mariska, a rangeland and biomass practitioner from Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC), actively engages with industry standards like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), European Biochar Certificate (EBC), and Fair Trade and is passionate about Namibian conservation, capacity building and community development. First Namibian to be trained in auditing EBC in Europe and accredited by CERES-CERT in Switzerland.

Sakeus Kafula
- Primebiochar

Sakeus, far North Agri Manager at First National Bank (FNB) Namibia. Also doubles as the Founder and CEO of Primebiochar, a pioneer in the production, use and marketing of biochar in Namibia. A part-time crop farmer, who through the application of biochar to farmland over the last two years has observed significant cost savings in irrigation and fertilizer cost, whilst crops yield has gone up.


PyroCCS is a biochar project developer for the Global South

PyroNam is the Namibian subsidiary of the German PyroCCS GmbH, founded by Carlos Arrufat and Timo Herbrand to promote biochar as a global strategy.

They have developed one of the most affordable and rapidly scalable CDR solutions, which is the basis for the Biochar Challenge Team’s submission to the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Milestone competition. The team placed finalist as one of the top 60 out of a total of 1,132 participating teams.

“ This is one of the most thoughtful and sophisticated biochar proposals I’ve seen.”
Milestone Competition Judge Panel Feedback

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